About Us


Sohrama Engineering, one of the fastest growing companies is a high quality supplier of Electric Pvc Pipe bends. We specialize in Pvc pipe bends and can fabricate products from the full range of standard pipe sizes. The products are designed with great efficiency which are versatile and long lasting.

We are an Ahmedabad based company and pride ourselves on prompt service and quick turnaround time for our clients. Large storage capacity and rapid manufacturing capabilities give us a competitive edge over other companies.

The staff that has an extensive knowledge of the industry is very well aware of the customers’ needs and can advice customers on the most suitable items. Good transport service in Ahmedabad ensures prompt delivery throughout India.

Sohrama Engineering, use modern machineries and latest technology to manufacture our products with more efficiency. We never compromise on the quality or the manufacturing process of the product and so customers that use our products once, turn to us.

Buildings with very different complicated designs are coming up these days and so even in case of large radius bends we provide the best fittings customized for such requirements. Moreover we provide excellent services at very competitive rates. Every customer is equally important to us and is attended by a well trained staff member every time. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.